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Solutions in Automatic Identification Systems

Access Control with our Turnstile & Speed Gates.

Turnkey solutions

For any industry, There is a QUALICA-RD Solution

In QUALICA-RD we have a wide range of solutions in Access Control, Time & Attendance, Stock Control, Card Printers, Video Surveillance, Alarms, Parking Barriers. Systems adaptable to any kind of environment.

Housing developments, shopping malls and supermarkets, private parking lots, toll booths… there is a multitude of environments where parking control is essential.

Events and Congresses

When organizing and planning an event, QUALICA-RD opens up a world of possibilities in terms of identification and access solutions.

Sports Facilities

It prevents outsiders or customers who are not up to date with their payments from accessing the facilities at times when there is less visual control.

Airports and stations

By reducing staffing requirements, staff can be dedicated specifically to those who require assistance or care.  Indirectly, queues and waiting time will be reduced.

Automatic Locks

Super slim smart locks with integrated MIFARE® reader. American standard with 5 latches. Professional hotel management software. One-click installations. Up to 224 event records.

Stock and Retail Management

Inventory control, product traceability, logistics and distribution are processes that require a high level of control and management of operations.